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Jifu forest fire engineering vehicle (dsxg multi-function forest fire engine)

Jifu forest fire engineering vehicle (dsxg multi-function forest fire engine)

Brand: Jifu

         Jifu forest fire engineering vehicle is a key product of Jifu forest fire engineering and a national key scientific research project. It is unique in China and its scientific and technological achievements have won the National Award. Main features of the car:

1. Excellent performance of vehicle carrier. The vehicle body is the most advanced articulated engineering vehicle in China. It is stable and reliable. It can turn in place and adapt to a variety of complex road conditions. Horsepower is very large, pushing and pulling force is full; cross-country performance is good, general swamp, river beach, steep slope, thatched cottage, bushes are easy to pass. From the perspective of topography, landform, vegetation and vehicle performance, it is suitable for Honghuaerji Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica, Daxinganling and other forest areas in Hulunbuir, with a wide range of application.

2. More than one car. The top of the car is equipped with a powerful electronic remote control fire monitor; the front of the car is equipped with a bulldozer, which can shovel earth to fill holes, push down trees, break through obstacles and open roads, directly break trees with a diameter of about 30 cm, uproot and flatten shrubs and jungles, and open channels for people and vehicles. The rear of the car has a special plough (German technology), which can dig ditches and turn over soil, bury weeds, establish fire barriers and block underground fire. It is equipped with self-protection device to spray water for vehicle cooling. It can also be used as external pneumatic tools, hydraulic breaking tools, etc. The electric winch on the vehicle can be self-help or rescue, and can realize the dragging function. Equipped with its own water pump, it can draw water from the nearest water source to ensure the continuity of fire fighting.

Third, the fire fighting power is super powerful. Foam extinguishing is 60 times the amount of fire extinguished by water (that is, 1 tons of bubble night is equivalent to 60 tons of water). The firing distance of the fire monitor is 30-40 meters, which is the best weapon for fighting forest crown fire and high-intensity fire. It's the best equipment for the resistance war. Its birth has greatly expanded and improved the ability and speed of fire fighting and rescue, which can be defined as the heavy equipment for extinguishing forest fires.

4. Independent innovation of core technology. The vehicle uses a compressed gas foam fire extinguishing system with proprietary intellectual property rights (national patent), resulting in fine and uniform fire extinguishing foam, good adhesion performance, strong anti fire performance, excellent fire extinguishing efficiency and harmless environmental protection. Fire extinguishing foam has strong flame retardancy, it can be used directly for fire fighting, and foam can be sprayed on trees and grass to establish fire isolation belt to stop fire spreading. Because of small foam density and light weight, the conveying pressure loss is small, so the transportation distance is far away, the lift is high, and the distance of foam spray is larger. The remote control fire monitor is installed on the upper part of the vehicle, which can be operated remotely in the cab or under the vehicle. The fire monitor can rotate 360 degrees and pitch 90 degrees. The two sides of the rear part of the construction vehicle are provided with foam jets, which can be used for extinguishing fire in the forest and grassland, laying foam fire isolation belts, and clearing the remaining fire in the fire yard. It can provide two 40, 50 and 65 type water zones and provide foam at the same time, and the on-site operation is convenient. The vehicle can be equipped with "high-resolution camera infrared scanning fire detection device" and "Beidou and GPS integrated fire positioning device", which can accurately locate the fire location, evaluate the fire level, and provide basis for the commander's fire-fighting decision-making.

The model is divided into dsxg-2000-1000, dsxg-3000-1000 and dsxg-5000-2000, which can meet the different needs of different users.

The vehicle is suitable for urban and chemical fire fighting, breaking through barriers and opening roads, organizing rescue, and is applied to residential buildings, gas stations, chemical plants, underground garages, ancient buildings, highways and other places.