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Shandong Jifu Fire Technology Co., Ltd

Shandong Jifu Fire Technology Co., Ltd   was founded in 1995. It is a member of the national fire Standardization Technical Committee, member of China Forestry Machinery Association, and member of the forest fire protection professional committee of China Forestry Association. Presided over the establishment of the Shandong provincial landmark "compressed gas foam fire extinguishing system design,construction and acceptance specification", undertook the forestryindustry standard "forestry machinery multi-function wheeled forest firetruck" formulation work.

Jifu Fire Protection takes the progress of science and technology as its own duty, and has built ascientific complementary, professional and driven R & D team, mainly composed of doctors and professors. We have built the Zibo compressed gas foam extinguishing device engineering technology research center and Shandong province "one enterprise one technology" research and developmentcenter. We have established stable cooperative relations with Nanjing ForestPolice College, Shandong University of technology, Jinan Petroleum Design Institute, Shandong Weimeng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., etc.,continuously improving the use performance of existing products, and accelerating the research and development of new products. The company has anumber of national patents; a number of achievements have passed the scientific and technological appraisal of Shandong Province; the scientific research task of the national key scientific research project "forestry public welfare industry special" undertaken by the company has been recognized as national scientific and technological achievements. It has gradually formed acomplete technical system composed of product development and design technology, production process technology and experiment and detection technology, reaching the leading level in China.

The company has introduced the most advanced fire-fighting equipment and testing instruments,and has a variety of production lines, greatly improving production efficiency and product quality. Developed and produced a series of products with excellent quality, safety and compliance.

[City chemical series]

The series of compressed air foam extinguishing devices in urban chemical industry are divided into fixed, mobile, backpack and so on. The device is advanced, scientific,cost-effective, and has a wide range of fire-fighting types, which solves the problem that gasoline and tire combined fire can not be put out, and will not cause secondary environmental pollution. The products are widely used in oil depots, gas stations, chemical enterprises, chemical plants, hangars, wharves,tunnels, various warehouses, garages, high-rise buildings, high-speed rescue,oil immersed power substations, fuel oil generator rooms and other places, and can also be directly installed on ships, automobiles, airplanes and other equipment for self-protection.

[Forest grassland series]

Forest steppe series can be divided into forest fire engines, multi-functional forest fire fighting engineering vehicles, forest fire engines and portable dynamic foam extinguishers. Because of its strong pertinence and easy operation, it solves the problems of low efficiency and unsatisfactory effect of fire fighting in the existing forest and grassland, and realizes the technical breakthrough of forest and grassland fire fighting. It is an important equipment for forestgrassland patrol, troop transportation and fire fighting. It is suitable for forest grassland fires with sudden fire. It can put out all kinds of forest-grassland surface fires, bush forest fires, fire site clearing fires and other fires.

[foam extinguishing agent series]

The foam fire extinguishing agent series has the characteristics of high efficiency, energysaving, environmental protection and so on. The process has no pollution to the environment, no odor, and is safe and reliable. It has passed the inspection of national fixed fire extinguishing system and fire-resistant component quality supervision and inspection center, and obtained 3C certificate.

At present, the company has a wide range of product design, wide application and brand effect. With the strong support of leaders and experts at all levels, the company strives for practical innovation, accelerates the transformation of existing patents andscientific and technological achievements, promotes enterprise upgrading and product upgrading, and constantly develops better quality fire-fighting equipment to contribute to the protection of people's life and property safety.